Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas is coming!

I have all my gifts bought, but not wrapped yet. I hate wrapping gifts....they never end up all that pretty. Unless the gift is a book or a square box of some sort.

I'm starting the project of getting my life back to normal. Ever since I broke my arm 8 weeks ago it's been going a little bit down hill, so to speak. I've been drinking and partying almost every weekend, which is not normal for me and it has made me realize how much I actually enjoy sitting at home with my laptop on weekends. Staying home is much less expensive and much healthier.
My mood has been more down than up these past weeks and I've been feeling anxious a lot, and I think one of the reasons for that is the lack of exercise (due to the broken arm + cold weather + no warm jacket to fit on top of the cast and riding and water aerobics are completely out of the question with a cast).

PrettiSo yeah. Back to normal, thank you! I want my life back.
Tomorrow I'll be taking one step towards that goal; I'm going to the stables again. And on 26th (that's also my birthday, yey!) I'll be going to take care of Pretti by myself again. Gosh, I've missed that little pony of mine! ♥ (To clarify, she's not mine, nor a pony, I'm just petnaming here) A little flashbacks from the summer and last winter in the images in this post. 

And next month I'm going to call my riding teacher and book a lesson again. Things are going to get better now. I'm going to make sure of it.  


  1. Oooih tosi kaunis heppa :) Ja mites toi sun käsi murtus? Oonkohan vaan skipannu jotai ku en tienny tosta.... Mut hyvä jos on parempi olo jo. Tää talvi on välillä vaikeaa :/

  2. Mjoo siis tipuin hevosen selästä pari kuukautta sitten niin käsi jäi alle ikävästi.
    Tänään pääsin taas tuon Prettin (joka siis on kuvissa) selkään ja onnistuin sit tippumaankin sieltä vielä :D Jotenkin alkaa tuntumaan normaalilta käytännöltä että tipun aina kun nousen hevosen selkään...Häntäluu otti vähän itteensä, mutta ei onneks taas sen pahempaa :)