Thursday, January 20, 2011

MARKO, RAX & panning

The photo shoot with Juni is gonna get down on 30th! I can't wait. Probably gotta do a little more planning, though. One can never be too prepared, eh? 

I've been browsing through some photographers' websites for inspiration and I found a couple of pretty amazing professionals. I want to share two with you guys. 

First one is Finnish photographer called Marko. I love his portraits of Finnish celebrities. Very inspiring and creative. 

(Ragnar Axelsson)
And this second one has got me seriously amazed. Incredible grainy black & white photography and his compositions are really inspiring! I especially love the Greenland- and Last Days Of The Arctic-galleries. 

As for my own photography, I haven't done much this week. I received a 35mm Back for my Diana and I'm pretty stoked about that. I bought some film today and will start shooting now. I've been meaning to take a full film from the PopCam to a nearby photography shop to get it developed, but I haven't got around it just yet. Maybe tomorrow.

I had my camera with me at the stable today and I tried to get some shots, but it was so dim already that they didn't turn out so good. I tried to get some half-decent panning shots, but this is all I got.

Here Pretti's head is KIND of in almost there, but not quite.

Gotta try again when there's more light and I have my tripod with me (uhm...I never have my tripod with me...). Anyways...I also snapped this mobile phone shot of a brilliant cat who refused to move and ended up with two riding belts on his back.


  1. Congratulations on your new site. I like it very much.

    One of the reasons that I keep coming back to your photography is your willingness to learn and try new techniques. I am really looking forward to seeing the results of your upcoming photo shoot. Good luck and have a lot of fun.


  2. Thank you so much Tim! :) I'm looking forward the shoot too.

  3. Love the layout of this site. Perfect for what you're going for. The pictures are looking great too. I'm excited to see what you have coming up!

    Erich - ProverbialMayhem

  4. Milla, Here is a great resource for DIY studio lighting. Hope it helps you prepare for your shoot.


  5. Thanks a lot Erich! :)
    And thank you for that link Tim! :) I love sites like that. I can spend all evening browsing through different tutorials and such :)