Sunday, January 16, 2011

Ms. D leftovers

Well, I don't know if this is all that special, but I'm truly happy to see that I now have 31 readers! Yey! Thank you people :) 

I do have something very special coming up, though. I've started planning a photo shoot with my friend, Juni. She's the girl in The Smile-photo (and many other photos). She's a great girl for me to practice people photography with. I've never been too good in directing people, it makes me very uncomfortable. But now I'm going to plan the shoot specifically and plan exactly what I want beforehand. I already have loads of ideas on paper and I've looked through some inspirational portraits in Flickr. I can't wait to actually do this! I'll make a massive post about it once we've got it on.

Meanwhile, I put some of my Diana photos up on my wall. Here are some captures.

Ms. D

The Photo Wall

The Photo Wall

These aren't scans, but taken with my camera, so I apologize for the noise and a little distorted colors.
The Water Tower


The Horse

The Power Lines


  1. I believe that it was in October that I had my first baby portrait shoot. I planned all of the details in advance and even visited the site and checked out the lighting and potential backgrounds. As soon as the shoot began, I had to start modifying my plans. However, having thought through the shoot ahead of time gave me the confidence to roll with the changes and have fun. I hope you have fun and learn from the experience!

  2. Thanks Tim :) I'm looking forward to it. Juni just said that 'You be the AD and I'll be just the model'. :D

    Hey, I looked at your website (I dunno why I haven't before) and it's wonderful. I especially loved the b&w photos of the working horses and the farm. Really beautiful stuff :)

  3. Kiitos bannerista! : ) Hieno on ja ei tarvitse muuttaa mitään, tykkään kovasti = )

  4. Kiitän! :) Uusia olis tulossa, jos ne jostain joskus mun luo tiensä löytävät, kun fotoliikkeessä olivat sekoittaneet ja antaneet jollekin muulle :(