Tuesday, February 8, 2011


It's been a while since I last posted anything, so I thought I'd give you guys some update. I'm not dead or forgotten about my blog, don't worry. I have had a little break from photography. No particular reason, I'm just very uninspired right now and I have been sick so I haven't really picked up my camera at all lately.

I have learned that forcing inspiration doesn't really work - then it's not inspiration anymore, but just forcing. And even if I do snap a seemingly nice photo in that kind of state, then there's never anything more to that photo. No idea behind it, no soul so to speak. So it's not worth it. It just adds to the frustration that I feel during these times. I'm waiting that excitement to strike again, trying to be patient. It usually works to just empty your mind and not stress about feeling uninspired. Then it'll just strike like a lightning some day and you're back in the saddle again.

The photo shoot with Juni is still on hold. The weekends are really the only time we can get together with no time limits, and even then I sometimes have to go the stable and/or Juni has something else to do and/or something else just happens that you can't predict. It's life, but we will do the shoot eventually! I'm sure of it.

I hope everyone's well and not sick like me! Even though I have had a little silent time from posting to my blog, I still visit all the blogs I follow and read regularly. Hopefully I'll get some new ideas soon and get to make an update about those again for you. :)

Here's a great Katy Perry cover by Bruno Mars. Enjoy!


  1. Hello Milla.

    I am sorry that you do not feel well and that inspiration has been hard to come by. Just as you will soon feel better, inspiration will also return. You will be off and running in no time.

    Remember our discussion of concert photography and both of us thinking that our camera systems were not fast enough? At least in the case of my camera, I was right. Very few of the images came out at all. Combine slow glass, high ISO, dark music hall and singers that moved constantly and you can imagine how difficult the shoot became.

    I posted the only half way decent image on my blog.

    I hope you feel well soon.


    p.s. how do you pronounce Milla?

  2. Hey Tim!

    Yes, I remember and I actually went to see your blog for updates before I read your comment :) I know exactly how frustrated it can get, when you have these great photo opportunities but can't capture them. But hey, if the camera just can't do it then stressing out about it doesn't help anyone.

    The best way I can explain how to pronounce my name is this song: http://youtu.be/OTb1RhpyI4k

    Listen to the chorus (you'll know when it comes, it starts with 'Milla hei sun täytyy muuttuu') and you'll hear how it's pronounced in Finnish :)

    Here's a translation of the lyrics, in case you're interested. http://lyricstranslate.com/en/milla-milla.html

  3. Milla,

    Thank you for the link. I used Google Translate to listen to the lyric in finish and to translate it into English. The finish language sounds musical in its self.

    Are you feeling any better today?


  4. Yes, thanks. Actually I took my camera with me to the stable today and I'm about to post the results :)