Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Camera bag solution

Ever since I got my DSLR I've wanted to take it with me everywhere. Even if I knew I wouldn't really use it, I'd take it. The only problem with this is that I've been restricted to using only my camera bag. That's ok if I only want to carry my very most essential stuff with me; camera, wallet and both of my lenses, plus cellphone and keys that I usually keep in my pockets. But if I want to take something else, like a notebook for example, the bag just isn't big enough. I realized this on the product photography course weekend. I took a notebook with me and suddenly the bag was way too small. It fit in, but only barely. 


I started thinking that if only I could buy only the paddings for my camera so I could carry it in any bag I wanted without worrying about scratches or bumps. Well, then I visited Photojojo's web store and saw that oh my, someone else had had the same idea - The 'ONA' Any Bag Camera Insert! Unfortunately it was way too expensive for my taste so I did a little search on Ebay and found this Matin Delux DCP-30 camera bag insert. It cost only under 20 euros so I had to buy it. It arrived today and it's perfect! 

Much better


  1. saahan tänne kommentoida ihan suomeks? Mä saan, mullon nyt erikoislupa :----) Voi että noi kameralaukun värit O_____o luv it <3

  2. Tottakai saa! :D Joo toi on aikas magee laukku kyllä. Ulkoväri on ihan normi tummanpunainen, ei ihan tule oikein kuvassa esiin enkä jaksanut alkaa säätämään kauheesti.
    Gollalla on kivoja, vähän 'stylempiä' laukkuja. Mietin myös isompaa Gollan samantyyppistä laukkua, mutta päädyin siihen, että haluan kantaa kameraani ihan missä vaan laukussa enkä vaan semmoisessa, joka näyttää kameralaukulta kilometrin päähän.

  3. Kätevä idea! Todella kätevä, etten sanoisi. =) *peukku*

  4. brilliant idea. I sometimes don't like showing off how obvious i am with an expensive camera on my shoulders. with the insert, i can take any bag i want, without anyone necissarily knowing whats in it, until i use the slr

  5. And it's much cheaper (well, as long as you don't use designer purses ;)) than to hunt down that perfect camera bag and then pay yourself sick to get it.

  6. I just found these trendy camera bags from Peru on ETSY, waiting to hear some reviews. http://www.etsy.com/shop/LU100cases?ref=pr_shop_more