Monday, April 8, 2013

Smile through the pain

Smile through the pain. This is how I've been feeling these last couple of days. While the sky is falling down on me (for absolutely no good reason at all, just to make things even more confusing), I still have to try to be social, polite and smile. Gladly, these days pass eventually, and gladly, I have been blessed with very understanding bunch of friends, so the most harm was really only done for myself.

Yesterday I had the privilege and honor to meet this lovely lady called Sonja. What at first seemed like a cruel joke on Mother Earth's behalf, turned out to be a good thing for the photos - the sucky sucky cold and snowy weather. Just when I'd thought that the model-freezing-days were behind me already. Oh well, Sonja was a trooper and took it like a girl dressed as a clown in the downtown! It's always pure awesomeness to meet people who just don't give a damn about what the surrounding world thinks of them, and then just make the best of it. All glory to Sonja also for coming up with the concept, wardrobe and the make-up!

I think this set is my all-time favorite so far, especially the head-shots. It's nice to be this proud of myself for once, and I think I deserve to be, as I'm usually way too critical of everything concerning me, myself and I.     

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