Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hello photo prints!....uhm...these aren't mine?


I took my first 35mm Diana film to the lab on Monday and they said that one of their machines was broken but being fixed. So they promised me my prints for today. I went to pick 'em up today and when I got back to my car, all excited to see if I had any good ones in there, I found myself staring at some random photos of men fixing a digger and a cat on a laptop.

Gladly I was still in the parking lot so I went back in and said that those weren't my photos. Yes, the name and other info on the envelope was mine, but those photos didn't come from my film. Apparently they had had them all mixed up due to the broken machine and the hurry they had had to work in order to get back to schedule. The older couple who run the shop/lab started looking through all the print envelopes they had behind the counter, but they didn't find my photos. So the only option is that someone had picked them up before me and they hadn't looked inside their envelope before they were at home.

I'm pretty bummed about this, but they have my number and they'll call me when/if my photos find their way back. Hopefully I'll get them soon, and hopefully I'll have some decent shots in there to share with you guys. I haven't really touched my digital camera these past days; I've been on my Diana-mood.

Well, meanwhile you can go and check out some of my older Ms. D shots! :)

tingeliM - View my 'Ms. D' set on Flickriver

Also check out the awesome song above and this other great song below!


  1. Höh, huono tuuri :/ Mutta hienoja kuvia kyllä noi vanhemmatkin!

  2. Kiitos :) Ja niinpä. Toivon hartaasti, että se, kellä ne kuvat nyt sitten onkin, tajuaa tuoda ne takaisin. Tuskinpa kukaan mitään toisten kuvilla tekee tai heittää niitä menemäänkään. Ja kait ne omatkin kuvansa haluaa.

  3. Some days, you are better off to just stay in bed. :)

  4. Yeah...or I should have gotten up sooner and went to the lab before whoever took my photos.

  5. Any update Milla? I am looking forward to seeing your Diana prints.

  6. Konetta voi aina syyttää :( Toivottavasti kuvat löytyy!

  7. @Tim: No word yet :/ I'm looking forward to that too :D

    @Toni: Jep. Ja poikaa, joka oli lomillansa jostain ja töissä vanhempiensa liikkeessä ja sekoittamassa kuvia. Mur.