Friday, January 28, 2011

Sunny day out

Today was such a beautiful day that I took also my digital camera with me to the stable. Today was my last day at that particular stable and Pretti moves to a new home this weekend.

Something tells me...
Something tells me that the spring is coming ;)

[not Pretti]

The sunset today was completely bright red. Unfortunately this photo doesn't convey it as well as I wished, but anyways. You get the idea. 


  1. Milla, that is a wonderful dog. Do you know what breed it is?

  2. Well Mr. Akita... you are looking good!

  3. Persoonallisen näköinen koira. :)

  4. Jep, se on semmoinen vanha möllykkä. En kauheasti ehtinyt tutustua 7 kk aikana.

    Koitin muuten heittää sun blogiin kommenttia, mutta joko olen sokea tai sitten sulla ei ole kommentointimahdollisuutta?