Saturday, January 29, 2011

Some good music for a change: Jess Moskaluke

I'm subscribed to Tyler Ward's YouTube channel and this gal is his featured artist. I think she has just about perfect country-pop styled voice. So beautiful!

This next video is pretty horrible in my opinion. Walking down the street in some suburbia doesn't really suit the song, but I do love the song and her voice.

P.S. The photo shoot with Juni has unfortunately been postponed :( Too tight schedules and whatnot. Next Sunday maybe, anyways it is going to happen sooner or later!


  1. I am sorry to hear that the shoot with Juni is being postponed. I am looking forward to hearing the results.

    Here is my favorite music site:

    Take a look at this video:
    I a taking my niece to see them on the 7th.


  2. Thanks for the links, Tim :)
    I like that song. I haven't heard of them before.

  3. Milla, I will be bringing my camera to the concert. Do you have any advice for me? the Civil Wars' first CD goes on sale on Feb. first.


  4. @Kara: isn't it? :)
    @Tim: Well I do know the basics. You'll want to have as big an aperture as possible so you''' be able to have faster shutter speed. And if your camera handles large ISO well (not that much noise) then up the ISO as much as the camera can handle. Pretty basic stuff. I'm sure you know all this already :)

    My camera doesn't do so well in low-light situations. It rocks in outdoor music festivals due its great zoom ability, but it's pretty much hopeless in indoor gigs.

    One thing I hate in concerts is the smoke machines. While it looks cool and makes the lights more visible, it destroys the contrast in photographs. Especially blue lights with smoke are a nightmare.

  5. Seems we have similar problems with our cameras. Mine struggle sin low light situations. I plan on shooting in manual with manual focus I can handle ISO 800 with acceptable noise, after that, things go down hill.

    The concert will be in a small indoor venue and will be acoustic. I hope this means no smoke machines or fancy lighting. This is where I wish I had some very fast prime lenses. Oh well, I will have a great time and I will be sure to share the results.